Solid Patio Covers

Traditionally there are 4 different types of solid patio covers. We at Crafted Patios specialize in these different types of solid patio covers including creating one of a kind custom patio covers. We ensure our clients visions come to fruition. We offer free estimates to our clients for each style of solid patio cover to help ensure our clients get the patio of their dreams all while staying within their budget. Call Us today for your FREE Estimate! (888) 817-2846


Description of the different types of Solid Patio Covers

The first style, and oldest, are Tri-v or W panel patio roofs. These are called this because the paneling from the front looks like a W. The panels interlock to each other to create a perfect seal and are typically 12″ wide to 24″ wide or more. These are popular in mobile home applications and in commercial applications due to their cost effectiveness. These usually are a smooth roof formed painted aluminum. The warranty on this type of cover is typically minimal and only covers structural integrity. They do include gutters and often times the gutter also acts at  the header.

The second type of solid patio covers is the Raised Seam or Flatpan Patio roof. This is what you see in most print ad and is probably the most installed type of solid aluminum patio cover. The paneling have a raised seam that interlock, but when attached to each other appear flat or nearly flat from underneath, hence the term flatpan. From above the seams will be visible though and form essentially a u-channel that runs the length of the patio. These are typically 6″ wide to 8″ wide. These usually come with a stamped in wood grain texture and are factory painted, usually including a warranty on the structural integrity and the paint system, depending on the product you choose, the warranty can last anywhere from 1 year to 30 years or Lifetime. These are typically installed onto a header beam with traditional style posts. These patio covers can be built a variety of ways to increase the attractiveness of the overall structure. The paneling is much stronger than the tri-v style and can project up to and even 20′ without.

Finally, we come to our Insulated Patio Cover. These are a sandwiched foam and aluminum roofing panel, that permanently adheres a flat piece of aluminum to a compressed foam core. Typically 3″ thick with a tongue and groove locking system, various thickness roofs can be ordered for differing applications . The aluminum with a wood grained stamped and painted “skin” similar to how the flatpan panels are made above with a distinct difference. The panels are usually 4′ wide and are fully insulated and structural. Meaning, they can support the weight of installation of more traditional roofing on top, like comp shingles or even tile. These are strong enough to stand on and in fact can even be built to support solar panel installation and more. These panels are 4′ wide and flat top and bottom, which create an attractive look from below, or if you have a two story home, even from above. The foam core is usually 1 lbs foam density, but we offer various foam densities which will increase the level of insulation. The insulation  works primarily to keep the heat off of the house and the patio, but it also works to keep sound out during rain or hail. These are hands down the best product available to build a permanent addition to your house, and can even be enclosed to create a sunroom or patio enclosure or shed.

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