Lattice Patio Covers

A Lattice patio cover, or Pergola as regularly called, is a classic style shade structure and combines Roman style architecture with a modern twist. The origin of the pergola begins in ancient Rome, where the gardens were built with pergolas offering shade and beauty and a touch of nature in the largest city the world had ever seen.Traditionally seen with vines wrapping around the posts and lattice creating a unique focal point of your backyard or garden.

For our Lattice or Pergola structures we utilize a heavy gauged aluminum with a rough hewn cedar texture embossed directly into the aluminum which portrays the natural appearance and beauty of wood, without the issues associated with wood. This ensures the texture is not skin deep and lasts forever. Then using a unique factory baked on system using the highest of technology to apply a lifetime finish to our product that cannot be matched.  With little to no maintenance, total weather resistance, immune to cracking, warping, termites and fire, our products are built to last many lifetimes.

We have endless design options and various post support systems including Roman Style round columns, to contemporary posts to a unique Craftsman Style Square Column. Our Columns come in various sizes and you can choose your own, from our base sized 8″ Round Romans Columns, all the way up to 14″ diameter columns, when you want the columns to be the focal point of your garden. We also have our more traditional patio cover style posts, which is a 3″ x 3″ post with 2″ x 6″ side-plates on either side, replicating planons for a wood patio cover post. 

We have multiple header options as well further allowing you to customize your patio cover to your wants and needs. Including our standard 3″ x 8″ Header beam with various end choices included at no charge, to a double header style or for a more industrial look we even offer I-Beams and Tube Beams. Our rafters, or trusses are typically 2″ x 6″ spaced on average 24″ apart. There are many options to customize here as well, including installing as double rafter design, or utilizing larger 3″ x 8″ Rafters to really give your lattice cover that beefy look you might be interested in.  We will discuss all of these options with you when we do our free in home design consultant. 

The roof can be designed in a way to allow as little or as much sun through as you wish give you the option for shade, but not direct sunlight which can be damaging to your patio, garden and home. Our standard lattice is a 2″ x 2″ lattice tube typically spaced 2″ apart, or four inches on center. This allows for approximately 60% shade, but still allows plentiful light through the lattice. We also offer 2″ x 3″ lattice and 3″ x 3″ lattice spaced in many different ways to provide as little or as much shade.  We also include 9+ color options to ensure that we match the aesthetics of your home and garden, and 4 unique architectural end cut options to make each structure unique to you.

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